Christoph Fuchs

Dr. rer. nat., M.Sc.

  • Room: FMI 01.05.055
  • Phone: +49-89-289-18682
  • E-Mail: christoph.fuchs(AT)
  • Address: TUM - Fakultät für Informatik, Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching
  • Consultation Hour / Sprechstunden: TBD

Current Research Interests:

  • Social Information Retrieval
  • Applications of Social Context 
  • Social Routing Strategies

  • Georg Groh, Christoph Fuchs, Alexander Lehmann: “Combining Evidence for Social Situation Detection”, Proc. IEEE Socialcom2011, Boston, USA
  • Georg Groh and Christoph Fuchs: “Multi-modal Social Networks for Modeling Scientific Fields”, Scientometrics 80(3), 2011
  • Daniel Raumer, Christoph Fuchs, Georg Groh (2014): ”Reaching Consensus Among Mobile Agents: A Distributed Protocol for the Detection of Social Situations´´ Online via (checked October 2014)
  • Christoph Fuchs and Jan Hauffa and Georg Groh “Does Friendship Matter? An Analysis of Social Ties and Content Relevance in Twitter and Facebook”, KSS Workshop Karlsruhe, 2015
  • Christoph Fuchs and Georg Groh “An Attempt to Evaluate Chances and Limitations of Social Information Retrieval”, COLLA 2015, ST Juliens, Malta
  • Christoph Fuchs and Georg Groh “Appropriateness of Search Engines, Social Networks, and Directly Approaching Friends to Satisfy Information Needs”SNAA Workshop at ASONAM 2015 Paris 2015